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Corporate Governance

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Functional Committee

Composition and Responsibilities of the Sustainability Committee

To deepen the sustainable governance and risk management, achieve the goal of sustainable management, the Company has established the Sustainability Committee on August 7, 2023. The Sustainability Committee consists of three to five members appointed by the Board of Directors and more than half of the members shall be independent directors.
The main responsibilities of the committee are to review the sustainability (including risk management) policies, strategies, goals or management guidelines, approve the annual sustainability work plan, supervise and track the implementation progress, results and related matters of the sustainability work plan.
Major resolutions of the Sustainability Committee please refer to the Company website Major Resolutions of Board of Directors and Functional Committee.

Operations of the Sustainability Committee

The term of office of the 1st Sustainability Committee members: Aug 7, 2023 - Jun 19, 2026.
The Committee held a total of 1 meetings as of Dec. 20, 2023. Refer to the table below for the attendance of Committee members of its meetings.