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Corporate Sustainability

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Economic Sustainability

Risk Management

To achieve the target of sustainable development and effectively reduce corporate operational risks, the company formulated the "Evergreen Steel Corp. Risk Management Policies and Procedures" in May 2022, and established a risk management organization and management mechanism flow, which were approved by the Board of Directors' Meeting on May 9, 2022.

Risk Management Organization and Flow

To enhance corporate governance and improve risk management, the company formulated its "Risk Management Policies and Procedures". The Board of Directors is the highest-level supervising unit, and the risk management group is a functional committee under the board of directors. Related units assume different responsibilities according to their respective scope of duties, and are responsible for the identification and assessment of various risks, for the formulation of response measures, and the implementation of risk monitoring and controls.
The senior executive of the Supervision Department is the director, who is in charge of convening group meetings, assisting in the promotion of various sustainability tasks, coordinating all responsible units' risk management policies and procedures, risk control implementation and response improvement to ensure the effective operation of the risk management mechanism, and regularly reporting implementation results to the Sustainability Committee and making necessary suggestions for improvement every year.

Evergreen Steel Corp.
Risk Management Organization

Evergreen Steel Corp.
Risk Management Flow Chart

Risk Management Topics and Responses

The company has conducted risk evaluation, identifying a total of seven major items in the scope of risk management. Each related unit assesses risk factors and formulates response measures based on its own scope of duties to properly manage various risks. The company's 2022 identification and assessment of risk items by related units are tabulated below :