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Corporate Governance

Corporate GovernanceFunctional CommitteeRemuneration Committee

Functional Committee

Composition and Responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee

To fulfill corporate governance and ensure a well system for compensation of the directors and managerial officers, the Company has established the Remuneration Committee on November 29, 2019 in accordance with the "Regulations Governing the Appointment and Exercise of Powers by the Remuneration Committee of a Company Whose Stock is Listed on the Stock Exchange or Traded Over the Counter" promulgated by the Financial Supervisory Commission. The members of the Remuneration Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors, with no less than three members and more than half of them shall be independent directors. The Remuneration Committee shall prescribe and periodically review the performance evaluation and remuneration policy, system, standards, and structure for directors and managerial officers. The remuneration of directors and managerial officers shall also be periodically evaluated and prescribed.
Major resolutions of the Remuneration Committee please refer to the Company website Major Resolutions of Board of Directors and Functional Committee.

Operations of the Remuneration Committee

The term of office of the 3rd Remuneration Committee members: Jun 20, 2023 - Jun 19, 2026.
The Committee held a total of 2 meetings as of Dec. 20, 2023. Refer to the table below for the attendance of Committee members of its meetings.