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Corporate Sustainability

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Philanthropic Endeavors

In addition to providing clients with high-quality products and services, Evergreen Steel participates in social welfare to fulfill corporate responsibility. The company's involvement in public welfare is diverse, including education sponsorships, academic awards, promoting arts and humanities, and environmental protection. From 2022 to 2023, the total amount of sponsorship exceeded NT$ 7.86 million, of which over NT$ 5.8 million was devoted to arts and humanities.

Evergreen Steel Takes Action on 2023 International Coastal Cleanup Day

On September 16, 2023, Evergreen Steel Corporation was invited by the Society of Wilderness (SOW) to an international beach cleanup event, part of its 2023 Ocean Initiative: Zero-plastic Travel campaign. In response to the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup Day (held on the third Saturday of September), Evergreen Steel Chairman Keng-li Lin led a total of 42 people, including employees and their family members, to the coast near the Temple of the Eighteen Lords in Shimen District to clean up the beach.

More than 400 volunteers, including staff of Evergreen Steel and five other businesses, rolled up their sleeves and collected a total of 928 kg of plastic bottles, broken glass, fishing nets, Styrofoam buoys, and other waste from the beach. The results were documented using the International Coastal Cleanup form, which is used to monitor coastal cleanup efforts and compile statistics. Explanations by SOW volunteer helped the participants understand how discarded waste impacts the environment, making the cleanup day even more educational.

Evergreen Steel hopes that such activities can enhance environmental awareness, reduce single-use plastics consumption, improve waste recycling, and tackle waste at the source to protect the environment, promote biodiversity, and ensure sustainability.

Evergreen Steel Joins Forces with Chang Yung-Fa Foundation for Charity Remote Area Children Perform Harvest Songs

Evergreen Steel Corporation continues to promote education and social welfare in remote areas. On May 4, 2023, the Company joined the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation to sponsor students in remote areas of Hsinchu County to go on a field trip in Taipei and participate in the "I Am King of Sea" activity organized by the Evergreen Maritime Museum.

According to Chairman Lin Keng-li of Evergreen Steel Corporation, in addition to business development, companies should also be concerned with sustainability, such as giving back to society and environmental protection. Evergreen Steel Corporation and the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation have for years worked to enhance learning and broaden the horizons of students in remote areas through sponsorship of visits. Seeing the enthusiastic curiosity in the eyes of the children brought everyone involved great satisfaction. President Liu Pang-en encouraged the students to speak up and interacted with them through a fun Q&A session, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere at the event.

For this activity, a total of about 170 students from Jiaxing, Yushan, and Taiping elementary schools in remote areas of Hsinchu County were invited to a field trip in Taipei. The Evergreen Maritime Museum arranged a guided tour of maritime exhibits, a scavenger hunt, and fun learning activities, which were all well-received by the students and teachers. On the day of the event, the Children's Choir of Jiaxing Elementary School in Jianshi Township, which has won various accolades in competitions around the world, gave a special performance of "Kmloh (Song of Harvest)". Combining heavenly voices and a medley of traditional Atayal songs, their brilliant performance left a lasting impression on all participating guests, teachers and students.

Evergreen Steel Organizes Cleanup at Old Shuangxi River

On March 19, 2023, Evergreen Steel Corporation (ESGT) once again joined forces with the Society of Wilderness (SOW) to organize the "Let’s Go River Cleanup" activity. Evergreen Steel Chairman Keng-li Lin led a group of 31 employees and family members to pick up garbage along the banks of the Old Shuangxi River in Beitou, Taipei City.

The event began with SOW presenting a certificate of appreciation to thank Evergreen Steel for putting their vision of environmental protection and sustainability into action. SOW volunteers then gave a detailed briefing so that Evergreen Steel employees could gain a better understanding of the local environment. During the briefing, the group learned about Mortonagrion hirosei, an insect on IUCN's list of endangered species, and Mikania micrantha, an invasive species nicknamed "green cancer" that suffocates other plants by blocking photosynthesis. Mikania micrantha is considered a severe threat to diverse native ecosystems and was the key target for removal that day.

The group hiked for 2 km along the river to pick up trash. In just two hours, they picked up 10 large bags (around 81.9 kg) of garbage and Mikania micrantha, restoring the trail to its original state.

Chairman Keng-li Lin said that the river cleanup activity encouraged participants to put their environmental protection knowledge to good use. Not only should we continue to pick up garbage, but we should make efforts to reduce plastic use. There is no finish line when it comes to environmental protection and we must continue to engage in activites that promote environmental sustainability!

Sponsorship of the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra's Concerts

The Company sponsored seven classical music concerts by the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra in 2022. We invited employees and their families to attend and gave tickets to charity groups and other social welfare groups for free, with the aim of comforting people's minds and relieving stress through the power of music and enhancing music and art appreciation in the post-pandemic era.

Scholarship Sponsorship – Jui-Fang Industrial High School and Xinying Industrial Vocational High School

Through the help and matchmaking of the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, the Company sponsored Jui-Fang Industrial High School and Xinying Industrial Vocational High School scholarships. This year, a total of 25 outstanding and underprivileged students received the scholarships. Through the establishment of the scholarships, the Company hopes to encourage students to proactively learn and bravely face future challenges, while also helping the schools to promote vocational education and incubate industry-related talent.

Sponsorship of the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and 2022 National Figure Skating Championship and League Competition

The Company sponsored the Chinese Taipei Skating Union to hold the "100th Anniversary of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and 2022 National Figure Skating Championship and League Competition" from April 23 to 24, 2022, with the aim of discovering and training outstanding figure skating talent. Taiwanese figure skaters had an opportunity to perform for the audience and compete in a positive manner, thereby promoting their physical and psychological health, as well as supporting this sporting hobby.

Sponsoring Jing's Studio's "Eco-Protection Theater Campus Tour"

Environmental pollution has become a global "pandemic", and as citizens of Earth, we must protect our homes. Thus, in addition to facilitating development of civilization, Evergreen Steel is joining forces with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, relying on the foundation's long-time social welfare experience to launch the "Eco-Protection Theater Campus Tour" in 2022. This year's play was titled "A Journey through the Pacific", performed by Jing's Studio. The play focused on environmental protection and made serious environmental issues more approachable through elements like personified dialogues and fun acrobatics, magic, and music, guiding students to jointly explore carbon reduction, waste classification, plastic reduction, and sustainability through Q&A and sharing after the performance. In addition to bringing something new to campuses, the play also helped students to learn the importance of environmental protection and cultivated them as world citizens.

Evergreen Maritime Museum's "I Am King of Sea Marine Education Charity Event"-Hsinchu County Hengshan Elementary School and Emei Elementary School

In November 2022, the Company joined forces with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, inviting Hengshan Elementary School and Emei Elementary School in Hsinchu County to visit the Evergreen Maritime Museum for a free "One-Day Field Trip". Both schools are located in remote mountainous areas and many students had rarely seen the ocean. Tour guides introduced important items in the museum's collection, including ship models, ocean-themed paintings, and navigational instruments. The aim was to establish a foundation for maritime education, fostering awareness and care for the land and ocean.

Sponsorship of the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Party Held by the Tainan City Chang Qing Care Association

The Xinying Factory is located in the Sinying Industrial Park, Tainan City. To care for the local people and share prosperity, we sponsored the Tainan City Chang Qing Care Association to hold a Mid-Autumn Festival party on August 20, 2022. The party facilitated health education and offered healthy recreational activities, improving quality of life for the elderly, and enhancing communication and interaction among residents.

Tree-Planting to Create a Low-Carbon, Sustainable Future

Employees of Evergreen Steel Corporation and subsidiaries Hsin Yung Enterprise Corporation, Ever Ecove corporation, and Super Max Engineering Enterprise Co., Ltd., along with family members, joined Taipei Tu-Dou Association and Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation (TOAF) on October 30, 2022, for tree-planting on the coast at Zhuangwei, Yilan. The activity aimed to restore coastal forestation that traps carbon, thus protecting the earth against climate change.

The activity was led by TOAF and Taipei Tu-Dou Association, which have years of tree-planting experience. After TOAF's professional evaluation, Zhuangwei was chosen as the site where 1,000 trees would be planted, with species including screw pine, coast hibiscus, horsetail tree, and sea lettuce. Tree roots help anchor the sand, preventing it from being blown inland and curtailing erosion of the shoreline.

After detailed guidance by TOAF volunteers, participating employees used shovels to loosen and fertilize the soil, and then carefully planted the saplings. The rows of saplings symbolize Evergreen Steel's determination to protect the environment, creating a sustainable homeland.

Evergreen Steel hopes that, in addition to holding social welfare activities, the company can help shape employees to be responsible custodians of the land, promoting low-carbon lifestyles that help realize our dream of sustainability.

Evergreen Steel Organizes "Let's Go River Cleanup" for Environmental Protection

To realize environmental and ecological protection, Evergreen Steel Corporation(EGST) joined forces with the Society of Wilderness (SOW) to organize the "Let's Go River Cleanup" activity on March 19, 2022. Evergreen Steel Chairman Keng-li Lin of led a group of 45 employees, family members, and SOW volunteers to pick up garbage along the shores of the Nankan River at Guangming Riverside Park in Luzhu, Taoyuan.

The event began with SOW making a pledge to protect nature. SOW volunteers gave a detailed briefing so that Evergreen Steel employees could gain a better understanding of the local environment and learn how to safely pick up garbage. Before the activity commenced, SOW also presented a certificate of gratitude to thank Evergreen Steel for its participation and support of environmental protection.

Covering a total length of 800 meters, the group picked up garbage for two hours, removing a total of 286.9 kilograms of garbage. With the assistance of SOW, the participants used the ICC (International Coastal Cleanup) chart to record and classify the garbage. PET bottles and plastic caps were the top two types of garbage removed this time, which showed that reducing the use of plastic products remains an issue that requires continued attention.

According to Chairman Keng-li Lin, Evergreen Steel relied on SOW's rich experience to help its employees understand the importance of ecological and environmental protection and to think about how to reduce the amount of garbage they generate in daily life. In the future, Evergreen Steel and its employees will continue to care for the environment and promote plastic reduction, doing their part to ensure sustainable development.

Sponsorship of Food Supply Actions by the Taizi Community Development Association, Xinying District, Tainan City

The Taizi Community Development Association, Xinying District, Tainan City, is adjacent to the Company's Xinying Factory. The association is committed to caring for a total of 25 vulnerable people in the community who are from middle-to-low-income households, living alone, disabled, bedridden, or of limited mobility with food requirements. It delivers food to their homes from Monday through Saturday. The Company sponsored the association in the amount of NT$100,000 in 2022 in the hope of helping the disadvantaged and providing them with the care they need through the association's free meal deliveries.

Co-organization of Blood Donation Events with Tainan Blood Donation Center

In 2022, we organized a blood donation event with the Tainan Blood Donation Center at the Xinying Factory, Steel Structure Division. A total of 16 employees responded and donated a total of 6,500 c.c. of blood. We hope to contribute to the society and care for the society as an enterprise through practical actions. The implementation status is as follows:

Evergreen Steel and Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Launch Eco-Protection Theater Campus Tour

Since launching theater tours in 2020, the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation has received positive feedback for promoting moral education in elementary schools in Taipei City. This year, the Foundation joined forces with Evergreen Steel Co. to launch a new play titled "Travel to the Pacific Ocean", which focuses on the theme of environmental protection. In mid-October, the play premiered at Jilin Elementary School in Taipei. Evergreen Steel President Pang-en Liu and Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Executive Director Demie Chung attended the show and shared in the fun with teachers and students.

The Chang Yung-Fa Foundation's eco-protection theater combined a lively theatrical performance with environmental protection knowledge to create an innovative and interesting play that impressed nearly 200 teachers and students, receiving a round of applause after the curtain dropped. The students ran up to take photos with the actors and did not want to leave. "This time around, we have incorporated environmental issues people are most concerned with into the theater. Also, with the support of Evergreen Steel Co., we have launched a new season of the theater tour. In addition to bringing something new to students, we also hope that everyone can start thinking about how to protect our environment in daily life." said Executive Director Demie Chung of the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation.

President Pang-en Liu of Evergreen Steel Co. also shared at the opening ceremony: "This tour is truly significant, because environmental pollution is a global 'pandemic'. Everyone on Earth should feel responsible, yet everyone is also a victim. Evergreen Steel Co. will rely on the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation's rich experience in charity to focus our efforts to build a better tomorrow for society and our future generations, in addition to facilitating the development of civilization."

Evergreen Steel Corp. and Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Help Rural Schoolchildren to Realize their Dreams

Evergreen Steel Corporation joined forces with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation to invite Xiaoyun Elementary School and Luofu Elementary School in Fuxing, Taoyuan City, to visit the Evergreen Maritime Museum in Taipei. Evergreen Steel Corporation Chairman Keng-li Lin, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Executive Director Demie Chung, and Luofu Elementary School Director Ya-lun Yu personally attended the activity. Students of Luofu Elementary School enthusiastically performed the Atayal traditional song and dance "Harvest Joy of Sacrifice" in a display of youthful energy.

During the activity, in addition to the guides introducing important collections in the Evergreen Maritime Museum, the students took part in the "Treasure Hunt and Mystery Battle" game. The puzzles combined nautical history with the museum's multimedia facilities to encourage everyone to find new ways to absorb knowledge. The museum specially opened the "Aviation Experience Zone", so that rural students could have the opportunity to realize their dreams of piloting a plane or performing cabin crew duties. The carefully designed simulators satisfied the curiosity of the students.

"In the future will continue to cooperation with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation and look forward to helping more disadvantages groups and promoting social harmony," said Keng-li Lin. Furthermore, in line with its commitment to green energy, the company will continue to focus on environmental protection and promote the sustainability of its business.

Evergreen Steel Corp. Joins Chang Yung-Fa Foundation for Charity

To give back to society and care for local communities, Evergreen Steel Corporation joined forces with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation to invite schools in remote areas, including Feng-Ju Junior High School in Gongliao and Dapeng Elementary School in Wanli, to participate in the free "King of Sea Adventures Winter Camp" at the Evergreen Maritime Museum.

Students of Dapeng Elementary School in Wanli performed tap dancing at the opening ceremony, and were joined on stage, including Evergreen Steel Corp. Chairman Keng-li Lin and President Pang-en Liu, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Executive Director Demie Chung, and Dapeng Elementary School in Wanli Principal Tsung-hsien Hsu, who encouraged the students to showcase their talent.

In addition to visiting the Evergreen Maritime Museum, the organizer also tailored exclusive activities according to the schools' unique attributes. An additional career seminar was arranged for Feng-Ju Junior High School in Gongliao, encouraging students to explore career paths and make use of their own strengths; for students of Dapeng Elementary School in Wanli, a reading of the illustrated book that was recently published by the Foundation was held, giving moral guidance through illustrations and heartwarming stories.

"It is our corporate social responsibility to pay back to society what we earned from society. This winter camp marks a great beginning. After this, we will join forces with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation to organize further charity events," said Keng-li Lin.

Evergreen Steel Corp. Is Committed to Caring for Welfare Groups and Environmental Issues

In order to help underprivileged people, protect the environment, and contribute to society in a practical way, the company has donated used computers to schools in remote areas (such Annei Elementary School and Wenchang Elementary School) and multiple social welfare organizations (such as St. Raphael Opportunity Center for infants with developmental delays and adults with intellectual disabilities, Chao Hsing Social Welfare Foundation Care Center for people with Down syndrome, and Corning Center for people with mental disabilities in Tainan City.)

It also arranges blood donations through the Tainan Blood Donation Center and gives back to society through a variety of charitable events organized by the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation (such as "A Tribute to Heroes of Pandemic Prevention" concert, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" concert, and "Romantic Early Autumn" concert.)