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Corporate Sustainability

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Economic Sustainability & Climate Change Risk Management

Quality Management

In 1995, the Company obtained ISO 9001 certification to establish a quality policy and targets.

Quality Policy

Quality Objectives

The Company implements quality controls according to the ISO 9001 quality management systems, and holds regular weekly and monthly meetings to discuss and improve production and quality management procedures. Every year, the Company manages and reviews various production procedures and quality targets, such as safety and health, complaints, external suppliers' performance reviews and evaluations, capacity, internal and external communications, employee education and training for enhanced professional competencies, and prevention of potential risk factors, producing reports and making improvements to further perfect quality management systems. In 2022, the ISO 9001 Management and Review Meeting discussed target values, all of which met quality target requirements.

The Company is a professional steel structure manufacturer. The main products are steel structures for constructions, factories, and bridges. Our processes include steel plate cutting, assembly, electric welding, coating, and installation with strict quality control to meet projects' quality requirements. Regular training on advanced production and inspection technology and license qualification helps reach quality goals and increase customer satisfaction.

Performance and Management System and Verification

1. Steel structure products are processed in accordance with the specifications in the structure chart of the contract. In the production process, clients may (ir)regularly sample materials in factory visits for TAF testing, hire a third party TAF-approved non-destructive company, and conduct on-site size inspections. 2022 saw 703 clients and supervisors in factory visits, which all met the requirements of contract, charts, and specifications.
2. Manage verification system : ISO 9001-2015 quality management systems verification, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety verification
3. In 2016, the Company obtained the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation’s non-destructive testing (NDT) accreditation.
4. Incoming steel is required to be provided with a Radiation Free Certificate by suppliers and tested to ensure it is 100% radiation free.
5. Our welded H beams for structure have obtained the CNS Mark of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA.

Product Compliance Information Disclosure

The Company provides safe building structures. Steel structure products have ISO 9001-compliant standardized documentation to ensure quality of all procedures (including products and services) and customer satisfaction. From steel feedstock, cutting, assembly, electric welding, to finished products, procedures are carried out with requirements.
The Company's quality management systems and professional manufacturing capabilities adhere to international standards and meet the requirements for quality international steel structure factories.

The Company manufactures and provides seismic components (buckling-restrained braces) following contract specifications. When an earthquake occurs, the premium, resilient steel absorbs seismic energy, reducing building motion and shaking and improving comfort.

To ensure the safety of public buildings and prevent damage and losses caused by earthquakes, the Company is capable of "Earthquake-Resistant Label" works and undergoes external reviews and audits by professional technicians and the TAF to ensure public safety.

Steel structure products are manufactured per ISO 9001 and certified by the Structure Accreditation Building. Examples include Peace Palace, Agora Garden, and Guangci Public Housing C, D, E biddings.

Customer Satisfaction

The Company has established a system to monitor customer service. A customer satisfaction survey is carried out every six months to analyze and review complaints. For individual cases of customer suggestions or unmet evaluation criteria, a "Customer Complaint Handling Record" is filled out in accordance with the "Complaint Handling Guidelines"” formulated by the Company, and causes of the issues will be determined; then, responsible units will formulate correction and handling proposals to resolve the issues as soon as possible, reply to customers, and follow up on outcomes of execution. In practice, the Company communicates with customers through regular and unscheduled visits to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Privacy

The Company protects the rights and privacy of its customers with an outstanding management system for complaints and personal data, providing products and services that meet their needs at the expected cost. We also sign nondisclosure agreements to protect clients' confidential data, privacy, and intellectual property. To effectively manage customer data and maintain security, we conduct training for business personnel, requiring them to ensure confidentiality during work. In addition, firewalls, electronic file encryption and electronic personal asset storage platforms are in place to control and check the access rights and records of relevant personnel to ensure customer data privacy.