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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate SustainabilitySustainable ManagementOrganization and Promotion Policy

Sustainable Management

Sustainable Development Strategy Objectives

With the concepts of "safety first", "superior quality", "customer satisfaction" and "sustainable operations", Evergreen Steel continuously improves its technical capabilities in pursuit of sustainable development. It will focus on economic, environmental and social issues, and comply with laws and regulations in all operating activities. Through peer education and training and the Company's internal control system, it will comply with corporate ethics and government laws and regulations. In addition to operations development, it is also committed to abiding by its sustainable development policy.

Corporate Sustainability Policy

To fulfill its corporate sustainability, the company focuses on economic, environmental, and social issues and insists that all operational activities comply with relevant laws and regulations. Through education and training of personnel and internal control systems, the company ensures corporate ethics and compliance with laws and regulations.
The company promises to comply with the following corporate sustainability policies:

1. All commercial activities and operations are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
2. Compliance with laws and regulations relating to public disclosure of corporate governance, organizational structure, financial status, and performance.
3. Respect the human rights and freedoms of employees, and assist employees to develop and establish a friendly, healthy, and safe working environment.
4. All employees and suppliers are required to abide by laws in all business activities and refuse any form of bribery, corruption, and improper transactions.
5. Promoting energy conservation, carbon reduction, and compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations. The company also encourages suppliers and business partners to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations in goods and services procurement.
6. Caring for society and committing to public welfare activities, assisting disadvantaged groups, and being the best we can be.
7. The "Code for Corporate Sustainability" was formulated to help ensure compliance.

History of formulation and changes of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Evergreen Steel Corp.
The policies were formulated on December 21, 2020.
The policies were first revised on January 24, 2022.

Sustainability Committee

In order to promote sustainable operations and fulfill corporate social responsibility, Evergreen Steel established its "Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" (hereinafter referred to as the CSR Committee) in November 2020. In order to deepen the company's sustainable governance and risk management to achieve the goal of sustainable development, the "Sustainable Policy" and "Sustainable Development Principles" were formulated. On August 7, 2023, the Board of Directors formulated the "Corporate Social Responsibility Principles" and established the "Sustainability Committee", which is a functional committee under the board of directors. It consists of five members, including three independent directors. The Chairman is the convener and the President is the deputy convener.