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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate SustainabilityEconomic Sustainability & Climate Change Risk ManagementOperating Status

Economic Sustainability & Climate Change Risk Management

Current Business Status

Evergreen Steel Corp.'s main business activities include the manufacture and assembly of steel structures and the maintenance and repair of containers. The steel structure industry is a lower stream industry as well as the most important related industry of the steel industry. It also plays a crucial role in the construction industry as it helps other related industries develop. As a labor, technology and capital-intensive industry, the steel structure industry is evidently important for both the steel industry and construction industry in Taiwan.
The steel structure industry is a high-demand domestic industry. The domestic self-sufficiency rate is over 90% with exports below 6%. Evergreen Steel is one of the major steel manufacturers in Taiwan with 100% domestic sales in 2022.

Financial Performance

In 2022, the steel structure output was approximately 130,000 tons, a 39% decrease from 2021. The operating revenue was NT$8,857.31 million, a drop of 22.64% from 2021; the operating revenue of the Container Department was NT$182.55 million, an increase of 10.84% over 2021.

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