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Friendly Workplace

Human Rights Policy

The company respects internationally recognized fundamental human rights with its endorsement of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To better serve stakeholder, it has formulated human rights policies in line with the guiding principles of the declaration.
The company cares about the following human rights issues and has developed related policies to guide the activities and characteristics of our operations:

Safeguarding workplace fairness, diversity and inclusion

All staff are provided equal opportunities without unfair treatment or any form of discrimination regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, age, marital status, family conditions, language, religious faith, party affiliation, appearance, height, or disability.

Respecting human rights in the workplace

The company complies with labor-related laws and does not use child labor or other forms of forced labor. It cares about employees, manages work rosters with attention to personal conditions, and protects freedom of speech and assembly in the workplace. All forms of physical and non-physical sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination are prohibited in the workplace. The company provides staff with an effective mechanism of communication for harmonious labor-management relations.

Ensuring workplace safety

The company has endeavored to reduce occupational hazards and to ensure the physical and mental health of staff in order to improve the quality of their work and lives. A unit in charge of occupational safety and health monitors compliance with related regulations and pays close attention to staff safety and health in the workplace.

Providing information security

In order to respect the privacy of all stakeholders and ensure legitimate collection and legal use of personal information, the company has introduced and enforces information security policies.

History of formulation and changes of human rights policies of Evergreen Steel Corp.
The policies were formulated on November 17, 2020