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Corporate History

2021 Listed on TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation)
2020 Listed on Emerging Stock Board of Taipei Exchange
2019 Public offering of company stock.
2018 Acquires 70% equity of the subsidiary Ever Ecove Corp..
2011 Renamed to Evergreen Steel Corp..
2009 Merges with Green Steel Structure Corp..
2001 The company changes its name to Evergreen Development Corp..
2000 Acquires 99% equity of its subsidiary Mingyu Investment Corp.,
changes its name to Evergreen Development & Network Technology Corp.,
and acquires 74% equity in the subsidiary Green Steel Structure Corp..
1998 Acquires 64.76% equity in its subsidiary Hsin Yung Enterprise Corp.,
launches rebar production and sales, and merges with Ever Pioneer Steel Corp..
1997 Acquires 34.7% equity of its subsidiary Super Max Engineering Corp..
1990 The company merges with Evergreen Superalloy Corp..
1989 Launches steel construction engineering services.
1987 Ever Master Industrial Corp. is renamed Evergreen Heavy Industrial Corp..
1985 Ever Master Industrial Corp. merges with Ever Valor Industrial Corp..
1984 Ever Valor Industrial Corp. begins operations.
1982 Kaolun Industrial Corp. is renamed Ever Master Industrial Corp., and launches container repair and cleaning services.
1973 Kaolun Industrial Corp., the predecessor of EGST, is established.