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The Evergreen Group employs innovative and scientific approaches to manufacture high-quality containers, for its marine shipping services. In addition, the group also contributes to Taiwan’s infrastructure development and improves public safety and well-being by participating in various construction and infrastructure projects, including its establishment of steel structure manufacturing and environmental protection services companies.

The Evergreen Group set up Evergreen Heavy Industrial Corp. in Kaohsiung in August 1982 in response to the growth of Evergreen Marine Corp.’s container shipping business. The next year, Evergreen Heavy Industrial Corp. built a container manufacturing factory in Zhongli, Taoyuan. Initially, the company mainly focused on container manufacturing, renovation, maintenance, and repair. In 1989, the container manufacturing activities were transferred to Malaysia. In order to meet market needs, the Evergreen Heavy Industrial Corp. also set up factories for manufacturing steel structures and reinforcing steel. In July 2011, the company changed its name to Evergreen Steel Corp. In July 2019, the Hsinchu reinforcing steel Plant completed the transformation, transformed the production reinforcing steel into steel structures and production.

Evergreen Steel Corp.’s main business activities include the manufacture and assembly of steel structures and the maintenance and repair of containers. The factories at Xinying in Tainan and Hukou in Hsinchu are capable of professional steel structure design and manufacturing. The factories have automated equipment for steel cutting, welding, and sandblasting, tower cranes with capacity of 400-900 meters-tons, and a professional assembly team to help clients meet their construction projects’ schedules and requirements. Moreover, the company’s first-rate quality management system has received ISO 9001 certification.

Evergreen Steel Corp. has actively participated in multiple construction and infrastructure projects. Important projects it has participated in include the elevated Wugu-Yangmei section of National Highway No. 1; railway construction for the Taiwan High Speed Rail network; Taipei World Trade Center’s Nangang Exhibition Center; the Kaohsiung Exhibition & Convention Center; Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. aircraft maintenance hangars; Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital; the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum; Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel; and luxury condos in Taipei, such as the Palace Mansion, Peace Palace, and Agora Garden.

Evergreen Steel Corp. provides container maintenance and repair services to container shipping companies in Kaohsiung. The company’s facilities in Linhai Industrial Park expedite pickup of containers to be repaired and delivery of repaired containers. Its container repair and cleaning facilities in the container terminal have highly efficient equipment that can simultaneously maintain and repair sixty 40-foot containers, sixty 20-foot containers, and twenty reefer containers.

In the future, Evergreen Steel Corp. will continue to embrace the Evergreen spirit of challenge, innovation, and teamwork. It will provide customers optimized services with its dedication to further enhancement of technical capabilities, construction methods, and manufacturing processes, while protecting the environment and pursuing sustainable development at the same time.