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Corporate Governance

Corporate GovernanceFunctional CommitteeAudit Committee

Functional Committee

Composition and Responsibilities of the Audit Committee

To strengthen internal monitoring mechanism and improve operational effectiveness, the Company has established the Audit Committee on November 29, 2019 in accordance with the “Securities and Exchange Act”. The Audit Committee is composed of all independent directors of the Company. The main duties of the Audit Committee are to supervise following matters: fair presentation of the financial reports, hiring (and dismissal) the Company's Certified Public Accountants (“CPAs”), evaluating independence & qualifications of CPAs based on AQIs and reasonableness of the renumeration for CPAs' engagement, the effective implementation of the internal control system, material asset transaction, fund lending, endorsement and guarantee, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, management of the existing or potential risks.
Major resolutions of Audit Committee please refer to the Company website Major Resolutions of Board of Directors and Functional Committee.

Operations of the Audit Committee

Annual Tasks of the Audit Committee

The Communication between the Independent Directors and the Company's Chief Internal Auditor and the CPAs

  1. The Communication Status between Independent Directors and Chief Internal Auditor

  2. The Communication Status between Independent Directors and CPAs


Attendance Status of Audit Committee Members

  • The term of office of the 3rdAudit Committee members: Jun 20, 2023 - Jun 19, 2026.
  • The Committee held a total of 3 meeting as of Dec. 20, 2023. Refer to the table below for the attendance of Committee members of its meetings.